Based in Mongolia, Bayar studied economics before beginning photography in 2007. Self-taught photographer, Bayar learns through online courses and refines his gaze through an obstinate practice. Bayar specializes in photography of nature, fauna, landscape and traditional Mongolian lifestyle. Over the past four years, Bayar's photos have been published in several magazines including National Geographic Traveler, Deejis, Goodali, Mongolian Photo and Wonderful Life.


Guillaume Bonnefont is born in the south of France in 1975. Photojournaliste since 2000, he began his career with the daily "la Marseillaise" as a freelancer, and since 2001, works for the weekly of Montpellier "the gazette of Montpellier". In parallel, he travels the Asian continent with a medium format and black and white films, his first passion, and focuses on China to photograph the workers in their daily lives. In 2009, he joined IP3-press. In 2011 he spent one year in China to continue his work. His work is published in VSD, Chasseur d'Images, L'Express, Grazia, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Monde, Marianne, L'Equipe, Point, Le Pélerin, France Soir, France Today.


Born in 1981, he's passionated by politics and news photography. First, he studied IT, and then he choose to perfect self-taught photojournalism. He joined Reservoir Photo and focused his works on french political, social and economic issues. Since then, Nicolas works on assignments for national and international press. In 2016, he joined IP3 PRESS.


Erwan Rogard has a background in geography and works on regular missions with MSF on emergency projects such as missions in refugee camps in Tanzania. Arriving in Burkina Faso 3 years ago as part of a project to update the cartography of the country, Erwan decides to devote himself fully to his passion for documentary photography. When he left for Europe to visit his family, his plane landed on the evening of 29 October in Ouagadougou. The next morning the National Assembly was in flames. Blaise Compaoré's regime was coming to an end. This was his first direct experience with the uprising of people ... a revolution. From then on, he decided to follow the whole process leading Burkina Faso to democratic elections. He presented his work on the popular insurgency in Ouagadougou and also had the opportunity to exhibit in the Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania, portraits of refugees in the same camp during World Refugee Day in partnership with the UNHCR.


Gregory Boissy is a self-taught photographer. He lives and works in French Polynesia. In 2005, he co-founded IP3 Press in Paris with Rémi Ochlik and Christophe Bertolin. Since 2006, he also collaborates with AFP and Getty Images agency.


Bruno started photography in 1995 working for the professional press. From 2000 to 2004, he worked for a press group. Since 2004, he has specialized in illustrative photographs in the fields of economics and social. His guideline: illustrate the subjects of the daily life to which the other photographers rarely interest.


Born in Normandy in 1974, he graduated from the Universities of Nice and La Sorbonne in Law and Political Science. He has been living in Paris since 1996. He began photography in 1997 as a freelance for the magazine Radikal, the reference monthly magazine for hip hop culture. In 2000, he became permanent and main photojournalist of the magazine, occupying also for some years the function of photo director in the editorial office. He realized many portraits, photographs of concerts and reports in France or abroad, in the United States and Jamaica in particular. At the same time, he was solicited by various music publishing labels to illustrate album covers and booklets and participated in exhibitions featuring various aspects of the hip hop movement. Released as a freelance photographer in 2006, he concentrates mainly on sports photography, collaborates with different magazines and covers the 2007 Rugby World Cup. In 2008, he began working with the IP3 Press agency, distributing his sports and music news stories. In 2013, he also became a freelancer for the FEP agency. In addition to his work as a press photographer, he has been reporting for several years for communication agencies (Eurorscg, Angie, Meanings) or packshots produced for brands or design companies (Withings, Physidia, Elium Studio). He is also the author of several reports on Pacific Island culture and art, in Australia, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. Four prints from this last trip were presented at an exhibition in 2008-2009 at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris.


« I am Born in 1985 in Normandy, and was very early passionate with photojournalism. I previously worked for local news papers before being staff photographer at Caen cityhall during three years. Then, i started to work for AFP as a photographer and in the same time as an editor for local newspaper « La Presse de la Manche ». I joined AFP photo team in Paris for french presidential elections in 2012, and I stayed in french capital until july 2016. Past assignments include: french politics, social movements and protests, Roland Garrors Tennis Open, Tour de France cycling race, Paris attacks, war in Mali, attacks in Tunisia or Ebola. Since october 2016, i moved in Istanbul for IP3 and opened a new chapter of my life. »