Jeremias Gonzalez

Photojournalist based in Rennes, France.

                           Jeremias is a documentary photographer from the city of Tucuman, in the northwest of Argentina. During his studies of geology, he discovers photography and decides to change his horizon. After studying photography at the School of Fine Arts in Tucuman, he began working for the main newspapers and press agencies of Argentina in 2008. In 2010, Jeremias moved to France and began a new adventure as an independent photographer. His photographic work focuses on architecture photography and photojournalism. In 2012, he co-founded Agencia ZUR, a photo agency specializing in medium and long-term reporting in South America. In 2015, he joined IP3 PRESS. Since 2014, it focuses its attention on a long-term project, on the clandestine migrants of Calais, in the north of France. Jeremias' photographs have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, France, Mexico, Canada and Spain.


Rennes standing

Lost in limbo