/ Vincent Isoré

Those images on the theme of bullfighting were realized during the "Feria Internacional del Caballo" in Texcoco, a city in the northeast of Mexico City. This fair has a very large scale and highlights part of the Spanish heritage that characterizes Mexico and Latin America with breeder exhibitors, the traditional "Charreadas", cockfighting, bullfights and other artistic performances.

Paradoxically, while bullfighting is losing ground in Europe under pressure from different lobbies, Mexico is the country with the biggest arenas in the world. Since October 2011 five Mexican states have declared bullfighting as intangible cultural heritage with the aim of supporting its growth and preserving this tradition. This label commits the governments of these states to protect, promote and develop bullfighting as an art. They must disseminate any cultural, social or economic manifestations related to bullfighting. Thus in these territories no bullfight can be canceled by anti-bullfighting associations.

Every year during the Holy Week thousands of visitors come to the "Feria Internacional del Caballo Texcoco" as it is one of the most awaited fairs in the country.

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