Vincent Isoré

Photojournalist based in Paris.                    

                                  "My first steps in photography began as a teenager, when digital photography was emerging. At that time, for me, the pleasure of taking pictures was driven by the possibility of discovering immediately the result on my screen, as well as the fact of exploring infinite creative ways of composing images. After studies in documentation, I decided to deep my knowledge in picture working, by doing an internship at Magnum Photo Agency Archive Service. This experience motivated me to be a professional photographer, starting afterwards a school-working contract in a press agency. I covered my first topics and defined my interest in political photo. In 2011, I joined IP3 team and since then I have covered economical, political and society issues. An important part of my work is also based on illustrative photography. I'm convinced that daily life offers me a real variety of possible pictures and it is the reason why I always feel like shooting. For me, photography is not only my profession, but also a way to enjoy life and have fun everyday."


The blue agave

Dia de muertos